White Out


Less is more… as the overused yet oh so accurate phrase goes. Here we take a look and explore the possibilities of a monochromatic palette of white, white and more white. Fresh, clean, timeless and elegant. Making use of various textures makes this simple scheme feel vibrant and intriguing – using fur for softness, timber for warmth and a hint of greenery for life and vitality.

Don’t be afraid to pair it back and let the calm softness of this breezy, minimal Scandi inspired look transform your space and your life! Just as effective and welcome for the warmer months ahead as it is during the cooler season. If you ever need a hand working out how you can create this look in your home and are wanting a little inspiration, we have a wonderful range of white pieces on offer in our current collection, which will instantly help you create a fresh and timeless look.





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This Is How We Do It... Our Space Your Home.

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This Is How We Do It... Our Space Your Home.

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