Stylist Picks – Making an Entrance

Tip Toe Bench • Quartz Stand

Entryways are important. The design creates the fist impression on your guests as well as signifying to you and your family that you are home once more. Keeping your entrance organised can help to set the mood of your home and ensure you always have a place for your keys.

The following post details the two most common entryways and my favourite Clickon Furniture products to style them.


Narrow Entryway:

Hats and Coat Rack • Ceramic Bubble Flowerpot


Depending on how much storage you need, there are two design avenues you can explore with narrow hallways.

The first being flat decorative items such as mirrors or art and the second being low profile storage units. Prudence Caroline’s new range brings plenty of colour into a small space and a landscape orientated print is best to draw the user into the space and appreciate the work as they go down the hallway.

Mirrors are number one for interiors when it comes to creating an illusion of space and also help to increase light in darker hallways, the Mira Mirror is a great stand alone piece or can be used as a group of two or three in your home.

1. Mirra Mirror 2. Prudence Caroline Well Peachy Print 3. Wall Hanger

Our exclusive Wallax Coat Hanger is a welcome addition to the Clickon family with a small space for your keys and valuables as well as a hanger. For more storage, I would suggest the Hats & Coat Rack or mixing pieces from the Utilitile range that comes in Teak, Oak and Walnut.

4. Wallhax Coat Hanger 5. Hats & Coats Rack 6. Ethnicraft Teak Utilitile Range


Wide Hallway or Open Plan Entryway:

Melissa Bench (Ash) • Eternal Love Print

When there is more room in your entryway, adding a larger furniture piece will increase the sense of arrival and give more purpose to your space. For open plan areas place your furniture piece on the wall where the door opens in to. This will still allow you to place for your family photo wall or for your favourite framed print above for high visual impact.

If you have the space for furniture either side of the door having a sideboard or console on one side and a bench on the other will help to bring balance to your interior space. In this instance, I recommend having both items centred. The amount of bench / sideboard combinations you could use is endless.  Below I have curated some of newest and best Clickon Furniture combinations

1. Ethnicraft Oak Blackbird Sideboard 2. Ethnicraft Teak Frame PC Console 3. Reef Sideboard
4. Melissa Bench 5. Ethnicraft Teak Double Bench 6. Tip Toe Bench
Sarah Vize

Sarah Vize

A passionate architecture / interior graduate with an online shopping addiction
Sarah Vize
A passionate architecture / interior graduate with an online shopping addiction

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