Pettersson Dining Table

Set The Table | your guide to an amazing dining space

Dining with friends and loved ones is important for our well-being. Sharing a meal will help to build relationships and create memories to last a lifetime. We are not just talking about landmark occasions, everyday dining should be approached with the same care. To create these special moments having a space to bring people together is essential. Choosing the right dining furniture can be hard so we have created some guidelines to follow. 

Assessing Your Space

The most important thing to consider initially is the location of your dining space and the size. If you have an open plan living/ dining/ kitchen area like most modern homes the style and colour palate should be carried through. To avoid the aesthetics of the room blending too much an area rug under the table or some contrasting chairs can help to anchor the space.

Pettersson Dining Table

Adding The Table

Once you know the look and feel of what you are after, it is then important to consider the size and shape of your dining table. If you have a small family but entertain often an extension table could be your new best friend. For square spaces a round table might work best and if you have a built in bench seat and oval table such as the Cosmos or Oscar Tables. Alternatively, you could use a table where the legs are angled away from the edge such as the Pettersson Dining Table by Ethnicraft pictured above. This will make it easier for you and your dinner guests to move in and out of the table.

Mikado Dining Table

Choosing The Perfect Chairs

Tables will most often be the hardest thing to get right, but choosing chairs to go with can also pose some challenges as you are so often spoilt for choice. You can narrow this down by first thinking about functionality. Timber back, leather or wire chairs are perfect for kids to allow for easy cleaning if this isn’t an issue for you then fabric or velvet chairs will add striking sophistication.

Catamaran Dining Table

For a more dynamic informal dining space, a bench down one side of the table will not only look great but is perfect for squeezing in an extra guest. Pictured above is the Catamaran Dining Table and Bench. We also love how you can also mix and match with any pieces from the Ethnicraft Range as well. Having some stools around the house are also great for when someone unexpected shows up. After all it is true what they say, the more the merrier. When not in use items such as the Gemini Stool, Disc Stool or Gustave Stool are perfect as side tables or plant stands.

It is also important to consider the style of back and how it will look tucked in when not in use. A more rounded back such as the Requin Chair, Valencia Chair or Moose Chair will work best with a round table but can work equally well with a rectangular table when there are three or more chairs going down each side. If a chair with arms is essential to dining in comfort consider how far they will push under the table as it may not be all the way and if you have space to allow this. If you live close to a Clickon showroom you can trial our display chairs for 48 hours to see how it would look in your home.

The Dinner Party
Making your dinners run smoothy will keep the stress levels down and ensure your guests will have a good time. Our favourite helping hands are the Elisa Bar Cart and Bell Trolley to help transport things from the kitchen and back again. We also recommend the Beija Floor Placemat and Table Runner range to protect your beautiful new table from heat marks or accidental spills! Most importantly cook something delicious but not to ambitious and keep the wine and good times flowing.

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Sarah Vize

Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.
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Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.

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