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Linie Design – Danish Rugs Woven With Meaning

Founded in Denmark in 1980, Linie Design is a market leader in handmade rugs. Their vision is to fill homes all over the world with beauty. Coveted throughout Northern Europe for their elegant colours and excellent materials these pieces of art are just what is missing to bring your interior together. Linie Design constantly redefine, reinvent and recombine their materials and techniques to create interesting surfaces and surprising expressions.

Linie Design Mattia RugThe Mattia Rug uses a mix of weaving styles to create its detailed edge.

Design Process

The collection is designed by a team of acclaimed Scandinavian designers and brought to life by Indian master artisans who have perfected their skills through generations. Traditional Nordic design methods that hero material quality and aesthetic simplicity provide the starting point for each rug.  Lead by award winning designer Kim Naver, a textile artist, specialising in weaving and tapestry, the team constantly explores new materials, methods, patterns and ideas that are only achieved through their in-depth knowledge of weaving and experimentation of techniques.

Linie Design Satomi and Piano RugThe Satomi Rug and Piano Rug, two of Linie Design’s latest pieces.

The core collection of classic Danish pieces, available to shop now.

Caring for People

Linie Design believe that all children should be protected from economic exploitation. Their vision is for children to be educated and not exposed to anything which can harm their physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development. Linie Design is a member of Care & Fair, a worldwide industry initiative of the European carpet trade. As a company they will not do business with anyone using child labour and create fair and clear contracts that do not discriminate on the grounds of sex, religion and race for their workers. Care & Fair also give back to the communities where their workers are employed, building schools, adult education centres and daycares. Linie Design also give back directly through the Line Design School. Established in India in 2008, Linie Design take care of the running expenses of 350+ pupils so they are able to attend school every day.

Linie Design Graphic RugOur top pick for 2018 is the Graphic rug. Available in four stunning colours this is the statement piece of the season.

As a sub branch of Care & Fair, the Woman Empowerment Program was created in 2002 to allow Mothers and elder sisters of schoolchildren the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in reading, math and writing. In addition they are taught in sewing and stitching so that they can produce items to sell them at the market or use them for their own families. Purchasing any Linie Design rug directly helps funding for the Care & Fair organisation.

Linie Design Maltino RugShop the Maltino, our must-have lush shag pile rug.

Caring for the Environment

As mentioned Linie Design place a strong focus on the quality of materials used in their works. This creates a beautiful end result and ensures the materials they use are produced sustainably and in a way that is not hazardous to health. Production facilities used by Linie Design are maintained according to environmental laws and in consideration to the local environment. Any waste created through production must be handled in an environmentally good and safe manner. Any discharge from production to the outer environment is also subject to controls. The materials produced must be approved by the European Union organisation REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemical Substances). Linie Design also work with their own chemists to create their own ‘Product Environment Guideline’ to ensure their rugs are suitable for use and meet standards worldwide.

Linie Design Almeria RugIndulge your floors in the contrasting jewel tones of the Almeria rug.

Shop the stunning Linie Design range online now or
Find out more about Care & Fair.

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Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.
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Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.

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