We sat down with Lars Wendelbo esteemed designer and founding partner.

Wendelbo is a family owned and run business with deep roots in Scandinavian design aesthetics as well as traditional Danish craftsmanship. Their one of a kind pieces combine their history with modern practicality to produce furniture that meets the needs of today’s world. This multigenerational design house strives for the perfect balance between innovation and functionality. We sat down with Lars Wendelbo, founding partner and esteemed designer to learn more.   

Wendelbo Campo SofaThe Campo Sofa designed by Lars Wendelbo, one of the most recent additions to their range.


Clickon Furniture: How has 2018 been going so far for you and the company?

Lars Wendelbo: The first half of 2018 we have been very busy, we have attended 3 Furniture Fairs in Europe and 1 in Asia and at the same time we have expanded our production premises.

CF: Can you tell us a little bit more about how Wendelbo was first created.

LW: Wendelbo has roots dating back to 1955 where my father started a small workshop for manufacturing of custom-made sofas & chairs. Our family has a long tradition for making upholstery so it more or less a matter of course that I should also go in this direction. The first years we were producing very classic designs but [we] continually developed the collection into modern contemporary design, which is how you know us today. But the process will continue…

Wendelbo Raft SofaThe Raft Sofa by 365° North, an old favourite recaptured in new light. Relaxation taken to a new level.


CF: Yes, the latest Wendelbo catalogue is absolutely stunning! I’m sure our customers would love to get the look at home, what are your tips on achieving the ultimate danish style? 

LW: I can do that by quoting a famous designer “Less is more…”

CF: Which product is your favourite piece? 

LW: There are so many so it is very difficult to answer, but from our own collection The Visa Chair, designed by Anderssen & Voll is my favourite.

CF: And which out of your stunning sofa range do you have in your own lounge room? 


Wendelbo Visa Chair and Edge SofaThe Vista, designed by Anderssen & Voll references the distant view along an adventure.  And  The Edge V2 Modular Sofa designed by Lars Wendelbo


CF: The brand has grown rapidly in Australia and with it our relationship, did you ever predict this kind of success? 

LW: Honestly no. The first [few] years our focus was on Scandinavia and later on, on Northern Europe but the last [couple of] years we have experienced a bigger and bigger interest for our designs from all over the world.

CF: We first began our relationship in 2015 and it just continues to grow, how do you think the values and aesthetics of our two companies align?

LW: I find that Wendelbo and Clickon is a perfect match. Both are family run companies with a deep passion for design and craftsmanship.


Wendelbo Define SofaDefine, designed by 365° North crafted to allow an infinite number of arrangements.


CF: Have you ever considered branching further out into other furniture such as bedroom or dining furniture?

LW: Until now our focus has been on the living area but dining furniture could be an option in the future.

CF: Are there any new product releases you can give us a sneak preview into? 

LW: We have entered collaboration with some new international designers and have many new designs in the pipeline, but you will have to wait for the launch, early 2019. 

CF: Yes, we certainly can’t wait to see what you bring next.


Wendelbo Blade SofaThe Blade, designed by 365° North can now be custom made as a modular lounge. 


Lars Wendelbo

Wendelbo’s stunning range of living room furniture is available online, to look into customising your very own Danish sofa email us at or by calling (03) 9417 1183. Select pieces and the expansive fabric range can be viewed at your nearest Clickon Store.


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Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.
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Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.

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