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Brunch with Clickon Furniture

At the Sunday brunch: a chance to savor the leisurely morning and catch up with our favorite people. And what better way to spend this Sunday brunch than with Australian retailer Clickon Furniture?

We’ve long been a fan of Clickon Furniture’s bold, polished styling and fresh visuals. We sat down with the retailer’s founding directors, Rain and Ivan Yoong to cover every brunch-worthy topic, from the retailer’s beginnings, the key to great styling, the perfect brunch food, and even Beyoncé!

Rain and Ivan Yoong from Clickon Furniture

We love your boutiques! They have a warm atmosphere that makes us feel at home. Plus, they’re filled with beautiful furniture. What inspired you to launch Clickon Furniture?

We first started out ten years ago with a love of unique, well-crafted furniture and a desire to introduce a curated range of modern, innovative and fresh international designs to the Australian market. We had, and still have an aspiration to become the leading retailer of exclusive collections from internationally acclaimed brands.

We have close relationships with our customers, so we do put a lot of focus on customer service. We want our customers to leave with the furniture they were looking for before they came into our stores, and we want them to find the pieces that are right for their home. There really is no better pay-off than seeing people who truly enjoy furniture they purchased from our stores. We love seeing photos of their homes that they send us.

You must be very busy, running several boutiques in different cities. What is your day-to-day like? 

As directors, we oversee the vision of Clickon Furniture with a very hands-on approach. From the bigger-picture business development ideas to administration tasks, we try to really get down and immerse ourselves in what needs to be done in the moment. No task is too small. And no week is ever the same! It’s hard work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love working with our team and being a part of the crew.

We are very impressed with your styling work. What’s your secret to creating great visuals? 

Every styling work brings another challenge, but we always embark on styling projects with a lot of excitement. Our goal is to bring several brands together and create a visual that encapsulates Clickon as a brand.

We do rely on a lot of our team when styling. We’re lucky to have strong team members, with each bringing their own unique flair and a fresh perspective to the table. Our team is quite bold and daring! We aren’t afraid to make mistakes and take big leaps, which is reflected in our work.

We believe in the right balance between aspirational and attainable when styling our capsules, drawing inspiration from the season, our surroundings and the little things we encounter daily. The greatest aspect of styling with our pieces is that each piece is highly adaptable. And when styled in conjunction with other elements in store, we can create a truly distinctive setting.

Ethnicraft Bok dining table and Universo Positivo Squeeze bench

Ethnicraft Bok dining table and Universo Positivo Disc stools

We just love how it feels here in your boutique: so warm and welcoming. How do you want your customers to feel when walking into your boutiques?

We want everyone who come into our boutiques to feel inspired, excited and engaged. Most of all, we want them to love our products. We are strong believers that the quality of our products should transcend to our stores and our customer’s experiences.

We put a strong emphasis on visual merchandising and styling. Visuals do speak a thousand words. We strive for our stores to be inspirational, practical and functional. Our displays serve to paint a picture and allow individuals to touch and feel our items, and get familiar with our products.

If Clickon Furniture were a person, who do you think it would be?

We hate to be predictable, but our answer is undisputedly Beyoncé. Being a strong, independent leading force within the music industry, and being an artist that puts a lot of focus on high performance and quality, we resonate with the force that she is.

How would you describe your perfect brunch? ?

We really cherish the quiet of a morning. Before we open our doors, we love to bask in the warmth of the morning sun while enjoying a cup of coffee and a pastry or two. This time is special to us, and it is a chance to get together as a team to talk about the current happenings within the company and the next big project we are able to tackle.

We consider ourselves very lucky, being able to work among such beautiful products and wonderful surroundings. There is something really special about taking a quiet moment to appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of our products. With natural textures and colors, along with the aroma of freshly baked pastries and freshly-brewed coffee, we start our mornings off with a bang!

Visit Rain and Ivan at these Clickon Furniture locations.

– Guest posting by Ethnicraft team

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