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If you’re ready to sell your home or investment property, there is no doubt you are looking for the best return possible return. Home staging is one of the most effective ways to achieve your property goals.Trit Home Staging_Clui Design

Through our 14 years of experience across the furniture and design industry, we are well versed in maximising space and creating zones. We have helped countless customers get the most out of their home. Trit is excited to bring this experience to the Melbourne real estate market. Our expert styling and clever tricks will help buyers see the true potential of your property, and have them fall in love with your home.

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Trit’s professionally trained stylists are here to see the property through the buyer’s eyes. Our job is to create a story that adds value to the home. Interior spaces speak volumes to buyers, helping them to envision themselves in the space. Emotional attachment has a strong influence over their decision to buy or not, and what they are willing to spend. We approach each project uniquely, taking into consideration your suburb, demographic, architectural style and resale requirements. Our stylists will ensure each requirement is met to the highest of standards so that you see the highest return on your investment.

First impressions count, and in this technology driven age, buyers are scouring online platforms when house-hunting. Making your digital impression is as important as the feeling the buyer gets when walking through your home for the first time. With so much competition in the market, it’s important for your online listing to stand out to potential buyers, as it will help draw them through the door.

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Share in our signature vision for inspired living though this bespoke styling for sale service. For further information, including pricing, please view our website. For any enquiries, please click here.

Sarah Vize

Sarah Vize

A passionate architecture / interior graduate with an online shopping addiction
Sarah Vize
A passionate architecture / interior graduate with an online shopping addiction

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