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An interview with Gran Hartvigsen, Creative Director and Founder of AYTM.

A design journey. Enjoy this special insight into the Nordic world of AYTM as Hartvigsen explains the inspiration behind their luxury accessories and small furniture. You can shop items from the collection in store, or online here.

AYTM Stila Rug & Pouf

What is the biggest plus side in working in the creative field in the Nordic?

Design is part of our cultural heritage in Denmark, and AYTM has roots in Danish design which is a big plus when getting new export customers. Although our designs are not typical Danish as we have a more international style, but you can still see the Danish simplicity in our products.

Although AYTM is a relatively new interior design brand, it has become very successful in just a few years. What do you believe is the reason behind the success of the brand? and was there ever a turning point for the brand on its way to recognition?

We believe that the reason for our success is that we make designs that fit into many different types of homes, restaurants, hotels etc. and that we have prices that are workable. Also, we are using the same shapes and lines on the different products which mean that there is an alignment.

ATYM collection

How does AYTM approach its designs?

Designing our products is an ongoing process for our design team where we do not design per season but for the brand. We are discussing where we see the trend moving towards, products that we would like to include in the collection, but also how we can still keep our DNA and make sure that the new products fit together with the existing products. 

Scandinavia is known for its rich history and appreciation for design and craftsmanship, what do you believe to be the reason for that and has that influenced AYTM concept in any way?

The way it has influenced our concept is, that we try to make long lasting products. Products that in style and quality has a certain level so that the consumers will keep it for many years to come. Compared to some other Scandinavian/Danish brands we do not work that much with wood, but are more playing with glass, metals and textiles. In that way we are not influenced by the history and tradition as wooden furniture is a big part of our design heritage.

What has been the brand´s biggest challenge so far?

There has actually not been that many challenges, as we have been working in this industry, making private labels for other brands and furniture chains and therefore we had a lot of know-how within the company when working with the whole supply chain.

AYTM and Hug lounge chair

Has the AYTM vision evolved over time or has it stayed relatively the same since the brand started?

Our vision has not changed much since we launched the brand in 2015. We are still trying to do the Scandinavian style in a new more international and luxurious looking way.

From the creative process to the finished product, where does AYTM seek inspiration and ideas for the collections?

Much of our inspiration comes from nature and art that we find around the world.

How much does the moment of time influence the work of AYTM? (colors / shape / design trends)

We of course observe what happens around us, but we try to design from what we have described as the brand´s DNA and not just do as others are doing in terms of colors, shapes etc.

AYTM trip house photoshoot

Although AYTM´s designs may reference simplicity that we often associate with Scandinavia, the pieces also have another feel to them that breaks up the Scandinavian modesty. How would you describe the AYTM design concept?

We love the simplicity that Scandinavian design is known for, but we just feel that by adding some gold and darker colours then we will have a glamourous Nordic design that is more unique. We like to think that we are introducing a darker Scandinavian universe with bold shapes and luxurious materials.

What drives the brand, and what does the brand aim to achieve with its design?

We are trying to make designs that are simple in shapes, but still has this luxurious look and which fit into many different types of homes, restaurants, hotels etc. From the typical Nordic scene to the more luxurious one.

What can we expect next from AYTM and what are AYTM plans for the future?

You will see bigger products from us, especially within furniture. 

AYTM new collection

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Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.

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