From Paris with love | Insight into Hartô’s latest collection.

To celebrate the arrival of HARTÔ’s latest collection arriving here in Australia we share our five minute chat with Pauline Blanc at Maison et Objet late last year. HARTÔ truly is one brand that emulates the effortless Parisian style seen throughout Europe and we are excited to see these latest pieces illuminate the homes of our customers here in Australia. 

This past year has has been a big one for for HARTÔ, how is Maison et Objet so far?

Maison et Objet has been our main opportunity for the brand to highlight its maturity and the upscale and more masculine turn of its collections. The new collection and the new brand image has been very well received by the public, our dealers and the press!

hart new collection

We love the new feel of the latest photoshoot, what was your inspiration?

With this new photoshoot, we wanted to attempt at the illustration of the HARTÔ house. We wanted to get out of the apartment and stage our collections within a larger space. We decided to disrupt this space with strong graphical materials in true HARTÔ fashion. 

Which piece do you think most captures the current mood of the brand?

Our new pendant light Carmen, without a doubt !

Carmen & Astrée really are great new additions to your lighting collection, can you tell us more about each?

Astrée, an ethereal pendent light designed by Hanne Willmann, is the starting point of the use of new materials and new colours at HARTÔ; blown glass emerges for the first time. Its smoked or tainted aspect gives Astrée a mysterious look and its hanging ring enables it to move freely and evolve in all spaces.

Studio Hanne Willmann is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Berlin, focusing on product design in the areas of furniture, lights and tableware. Willmann’s designs reveal a profound fascination for details and emphasise the high value placed on aesthetic appeal.

Carmen has been designed by Belgium studio, PaulinePlusLuis.
Carmen and its pleated skirt make heads turn on the red carpet. Pauline and Luis have designed, in collaboration with HARTÔ, this pendent light with a dancer in mind. Indeed, the graphic lines of its skirt bring movement to the spaces.

PaulinePlusLuis is a design studio based in Brussels, created by Pauline Capdo and Luis Bellenger in 2015. Their eclectic background, artisanal, artistic and then industrial, built their design approach that combines experiment, craft and industry. Their work is based on the observation of objects, phenomena, moments, that they interpret and transform. They are inspired by the shapes already belonging to our environment, that they put together and transcribe to their objects.


The Eustache bench is another amazing new piece, what inspired the colour play in?

In the continuity of our desire for maturity, we have used in this new collection more tertiary, darker and less pastel colours. In the same way, we used velvet so the material is more upscale.

What is next for you? Is there anything you can give us a sneak peak into?

We are coming very soon with a new seats collection…

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Sarah Vize

Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.
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Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.

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