Easter Acessories

How to create the perfect Easter celebration

We chat to the Clickon Furniture family about their ideas of the perfect Easter celebration as shown in their latest collaboration with Ethnicraft.

What does the perfect Easter entail for the Clickon family?

Good food, an inviting atmosphere and your nearest and dearest are at the centre of a memorable celebration. To us here at Clickon Furniture, Easter is a time to get together with loved ones, friends, family and fur babies. Ethnicraft provides the perfect base for creating lasting memories. The brands focus on quality furniture means their products will last you a lifetime.

Easter Table Details

Create the perfect setting for us. 

The natural, raw beauty of Ethnicraft timber is the perfect platform for an intimate get-together. For our latest photoshoot we focused on earthy, wholesome textures and tones to work with the warm characteristics of Ethnicraft’s European oak. Every item chosen for the shoot revolved around the simple notion of a festive soirée between family and friends. Food is often a warm sentiment of our affection and for Easter you can’t possibly go wrong with a hot cross bun. We also recommend incorporating foliage into the mix. We chose Australian natives as not only do they provide those wonderful, natural tones but add the beautiful, subtle smell of eucalyptus. If it is an evening celebration consider the addition of flickering tea-light candles scattered amongst your table top.

What Ethnicraft items are at the top of your wishlist?

The Ethnicraft Oak Slice Dining Table allows for you to cater  for the everyday and to those special occasions. With its extendable feature, beautiful details and solid, bold legs it acts as the perfect base for any occasion. To finish the look, it would have to be a tie between the Ethnicraft Oak N1 Dining Chair and the Ethnicraft Oak Bok Chair. The N1 Dining Chair provides a clean, structural aesthetic whilst the Bok is soft and romantic. Pairing oak chairs with an oak table allows you to create and build various textural layers for a sit down celebration.

Easter Acessories

Favourite Easter activities?

Egg decorating is something that is fun for all ages. It allows everyone to come together, get their hands dirty and let their creativity run free. We enjoyed creating the speckled eggs for our photo shoot; dipping the eggs in natural dies and experimenting with tones and speckles.

Easter Sideboard Styling

How will you be celebrating Easter this year?

This year we will be implementing our own adaptations of the above; focusing on good food and those who are closest to us. Food is a way to everyone’s heart; I think it is safe to say everyone will be indulging in some decadent Easter treats whilst catching up with friends and family.

The team at Clickon Furniture wishes you all a happy Easter!

Sarah Vize

Sarah Vize

Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.
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Here to help you create beautiful spaces. The spaces we inhabit influence our mood and productivity, by changing your space I believe you can enhance your life.

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