The brilliant minds behind the Cane Collection from Atelier 2+

On our recent visit to the international trade fair, Maison et Objet in Paris, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the brilliant minds behind the Cane Collection from Atelier 2+, Ada Chirakranont and Worapong Manupipatpong.

This amazing opportunity allowed us the chance to interview Ada and Worapong, to further understand the brand and the creative process that has lead up to the release of the collection.

Cane Collection Designers

Clickon Furniture: Can you tell us a little more about about Atelier 2+?

Atelier2+: Atelier2+ is a Bangkok-based creative studio, founded in 2010 by Ada Chirakranont and Worapong Manupipatpong. We are interested in all forms of creativity, from architecture and design to art and craft. Recently, we have collaborated on projects both locally and internationally. Our work sits somewhere between art and design, theoretical and practical.

CF: How did you get started as a furniture designer? Do you think your style has evolved?

A2+: We both have a background in interior architecture – we both graduated from Interior Architecture at KMITL in 2003, and obtained our MFA from Konstfack, Sweden, in 2009. We are interested in all aspects of furniture design – not only the object itself, but how it relates to the space or interior design.

Cane Series

CF: What was your inspiration for the Cane Collection?

A2+: Our interest in design and craft sparked an idea to mix the manufacturing process with craftsmanship. We wanted to explore our design language to create something with both an Asian and Western aesthetic, as well as classical design and contemporary design. Cane furniture has a unique quality that gives warm and timeless texture to any interior space. It has a long tradition and history, dating back to 17th century trading between Asia and Europe. We love the historical touch and sense of place when we work with this material, and the craftsmanship process. The caning method flourished during the colonial period in South East Asia. It’s interesting to see how a tropical material has travelled and lived through history on the other side of the world. We try to capture the classic, colonial interior, and reinterpret it in a new, contemporary lifestyle.

CF: Can you take us through your creative process? What’s the first thing you do whendesigning a new piece?

A2+: We start with researching the form, the materials, then the manufacturing process.

CF: Which piece in the Cane Collection is your favourite?

A2+: I think the Cane Lounge Chair is my favourite. Chairs are always the most challenging piece of furniture for me.

CF: Do you have any styling advice for our customers?

A2+: Recently, I have found myself drawn to interior spaces that reflect the people who live there. It has a story or memory in it. Some pieces of furniture have a history besides the craftsmanship quality. The furniture you choose reflects yourself in some way. Everything doesn’t have to match perfectly – these pieces give a special sense to the place.

CF: What can we expect next from Atelier 2+?

A2+: Lately we have been working with different brands and manufacturers, both local and global. We love travelling to gain new experience and inspiration. Besides product design, we have been working on many interior design projects – we are currently developing a new concept for a restaurant and hotel. In the near future, we have a dream to create a space where we can host different design activities and become a community hub for young local designers.

The breathtaking Cane Collection by Atelia 2+ is available online, and can be ordered in a variety of colours. To find out more about the colour options, email us at or call (03) 9417 1183. You can also view the range at your nearest Clickon Showroom.

Stuart Bailey

Stuart Bailey

Interiors graduate and fashion enthusiast with a passion for historical and contemporary designs
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Interiors graduate and fashion enthusiast with a passion for historical and contemporary designs

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