Bedside Tables – They’re the first thing you see when you wake up so start your day right


Bed’s Friends Forever!


We put a lot of focus on the shared spaces in our homes such as living and dining areas. They certainly are important spaces of which we spend most of our time but at the end of the day, quite literally, it is your bedroom that you turn to for peace and comfort, a place where you can forget about all the chaos and get some well deserved R and R.

The humble bedside table always gets neglected but when done right it can really transform the space and be a beautiful statement piece in your room. Clickon have released a lot of new bedside tables over the last six months, with the most recent coming from Ethnicraft’s highly sought-after range, Blackbird.


Ethnicraft Oak Blackbird Nightstand, Madison Bedside Table, Ethnicraft Oak Spindle Bedside Table, Reference Square Side Table

How your bedside table is styled should reflect your personality, make you happy and of course be functional. Lighting is essential when setting an atmosphere in a room. Your bedroom should make you feel calm so a dim light coming from a lamp is a good way to set the tone.


Mariette Table LampBalad LampShift Table LampOmbra Table Lamp

I’m sure you’ve noticed that indoor plants are having a huge moment right now and plants will never go out of style because well you know, we need plants to survive. They themselves can be hard to keep alive so if you don’t have a green thumb there are plenty of artificial plants available right now that are easily mistaken for the real deal. Display them in pots or vases that reflect your personal style, this can be a good way of bringing some colour in to your bedroom which will boost your mood first thing in the morning which is what we all need, especially on a Monday.

Monstera Leaf Pick, Billy Button Yellow, Eucalyptus Silver Dollar 86cm, String of Pearls

Make it personal, add something that you want to see when you first wake up like pictures of your loved ones or that special memento you got from your last holiday. To prevent it looking out of place or too cluttered place them on a decorative tray.

Concrete Round Tray, Concrete Square Tray, Donna Tray, Cork Rectangular Tray

Browse our online catalogue or visit one of our showrooms today. If you need any assistance in styling your bedroom or any area in your home book a complementary in store Styling Consultation online now.

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